The fascinating beauty of artefacts

“Scattered among these things are reminders that sound once existed: a metronome, a drumming pad, a guitar pick, a trumpet mouthpiece, a music stand, a tuning fork, a block of rosin…The older instruments bear the marks of those who have already played them, the scuffs and bites and dents that are the mysterious scars of sound. In their midst the house hangs, tenuous and enveloping, a sounding board waiting to be struck.”
― Geoffrey O’BrienSonata for Jukebox: An Autobiography of My Ears

While traveling, the local trinket shop, the souvenir store or old wooden thriftstops have always, always kept me awed. This tremendous love for the beautiful old forgotten stuff makes me rummage through such stores even in the city I live in. From my previous posts, you must have already figured out how much I love things with an added rustic charm and well, this is just one of them. I couldn’t help myself from sharing these pictures that I collected on numerous occasions while passing through a souvenir place.

Some of them are from Red Fort in New Delhi and the others are from Darjeeling, North Bengal.



Look at the beautiful color combinations on that teapot! who wouldn't love to drink tea from it?
Look at the beautiful color combinations on that teapot! who wouldn’t love to drink tea from it?
The pot has Tibetan legends depicted on it!







They have a different kind of nostalgia attached to it. Its like they have the power to take us back to times that existed long before us and make us live through all of it. Its like connecting the dots to the past, a part of us that existed but has been forgotten through ages. After all, the past paves way to our future.

Even though most of the stuff that is available in these stores might not even be ancient and they are made to attract customers, but who cares as long as they remind me of history? Same is my love for everything vintage but more on that some other day perhaps while I shall be roving through the lanes of Delhi picking up things that take us back to colonial times, maybe a thing or two from our grandfather’s junk that has been piled in store rooms because they aren’t chic enough to be displayed in our ultra modern homes?

You must be thinking why this obsession, then you must know:

“The beauty of artifacts is in how they reassure us we’re
not the first to die.”
― Simon Van BooyEverything Beautiful Began After

Not that death is fearful, but artefacts just show the valiant battles fought, the lives that existed between power struggles and the epic beauty of those fearless deaths.

Just another day. Just another journey. Just another love for what’s already lost.