Trampling through the backwaters

It is high time that you stop running after foreign trips and locales inspired from the clumsy romantic movies and experience the thrill of tourism into our own, world’s most diverse and culturally rich country and its Southern state of Kerala which will steal your heart away and will make you a patriot in a unique way. The most beautiful attraction of Kerala is the backwaters and the houseboats in Alleppey and Kottayam. House boat is one of the main attractions of backwater tourism.


The houseboats are provided with all modern amenities, open sit out, sunbath deck, specious living area, kitchen, bath attached rooms with T.V, D.V.D and other entertainment. The choice of menu (veg/ non veg) is handed over to the guests who can decide which kind of typical Kerala food is to be served for lunch, evening snacks, dinner and the breakfast. All this helps the guests to feel at home away from their homes. Check in time of the boat is 11:30 am and check out time is 9:30 am.

source- google images
source- google images

The average houseboat with two well furnished bedrooms, a dining and living area and a kitchen costs around Rs. 8000/- including the delicious meals with a driver of the boat and a cook at your service all day. You will be amazed at how such a small area of the boat is converted into a luxurious living space competing with the good hotels on the land. The drive through the vast expanse of water is heart whelming and covers about 25 kms in 5 hours. The sight of houses of fishermen and the workers of houseboat industry, amidst the water body and their kids waiting for ferries to pick them up for school compels you to think of the human habitat existing in the toughest of topographies. Communities dwell within a symbiotic relationship immersed into the womb of nature, unlike the average Indian’s quest for the survival in the corporate world husking through the fast metro life. You can even take on the wheel and drive the boat and feel like Captain Jack Sparrow against the stranger tides (Pun Intended).

author's own
author’s own

One can sit in the living area of the boat listening to the whispers of the water, or the engine sound of a ferry far away, silently gazing towards the blur of deep blue haze, spilling their hearts out to the fellow travellers, your loved ones, the ambience leads to the flow of emotions and an adrenaline rush into his body, making you believe in the notion of conquering the farthest of alien realms, for the first time in your life probably.


You can also ignite the party mood by taking along some hip-hop DVD’s and having a mini party in the living area, obviously keeping in mind the requisite safety measures. A dance on the boat deck will surely refine your moves and you will somehow wish the night never fades away to dawn. It will not be wrong to suggest the houseboat as a perfect honeymoon destination for the newly weds.

The meals will have perfect South Indian Flavour and spices, with the regional menu and deliciousness springing from the whole aura of your food. No doubt this edible masterpiece is a work of expert hands that evolved their cuisine sense from years of experience and love for the Southern Lands.


The boat is parked on the shore of a concrete platform all night with the waves cradling you to sleep in your comfortable bedroom having beautiful wooden flooring and walls.


The morning is equally refreshing with the sunrise and the engine of the boat starting for the one hour journey to your arrival point. The aura is filled with the smell of breakfast which is yet to be served to you. Occasional showers and cold breezes will add up to your backwater experience, the humble and caring boat staff will leave no stone unturned to make you feel special.

So be good tourists and depart with a good tip for the staff, with a handbag of joyous memories of the previous 22 hours, which will be a milestone for the traveller in you. This titillation of nature will change your perspective and you will start to cherish even the smallest things of life.

Happy Traveling!