Photojournal: Fatehpur Sikhri, Agra

So looks like I stayed with WordPress. The site is such that leaving it may seem torturous. And there couldn’t be a better “new” beginning than a picture blog which had been taken earlier this year when I visited the old capital of Mughal India- Fatehpur Sikhri with my friends, to show them that Taj Mahal isn’t the only exquisite place in our country.

The historical site was built by Emperor Akbar which then served the purpose of a fortified city. For some reason, this place has always been a favourite of mine. Mostly because of the emotions attached with it when I first visited the place with my gramps who took me through the whole site explaining every detail with great interest.

This is one of my favourite place in the site- The Tomb of Salim Chisti. They say that you get whatever you ask for here.
Buland Darwaza- built to commemorate Akbar’s victory over Gujrat.

IMG_2197 IMG_2200 IMG_2204 IMG_2208 IMG_2213 IMG_2223 IMG_2224 IMG_2225 IMG_2231 IMG_2233 IMG_2240 IMG_2245 IMG_2248 IMG_2249 IMG_2250 IMG_2253 IMG_2272 IMG_2273

This is another side to Agra, the place which is only famous for the Taj. So next time you are in India take out time for Fatehpur Sikhri, you will remember this history laden trip throughout.

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