Let’s give new year parties a miss and do this instead!

How often have we been guilty of staring snow-capped mountains and wondering when life will finally take us there?

Well, for me it is atleast once everyday! And this year I have decided to add that to my bucket list and then I got to know about this astounding homestay where I probably would want to end my year in!

The White Peaks is a Boutique Himalayan Homestay in the mountains of Uttarakhand, just about an hour away from Nainital, perched on top a mountain, cradled with oak forests.


Get away from the loud, frenzied New year celebrations this year and go someplace where you could find some quality time with your family. Enliven your soul in the shadow of mountains while you quit the usual city parties. The White Peaks offers you just the right experience you are looking for to give a fresh start to a brand New Year, in the lap of nature.


Winter is creeping in and the mountains appear lovely and ecstatic. What more can you ask for, you might just get lucky to see a snowfall !! Enjoy a live Barbecue with friends or family in an open courtyard soaking in the crisp mountain air or the uninterrupted view of the mighty Himalayas and sipping  your cuppa of piping hot chai!


 Wake up to witness a spectacular sunrise with the snow peaked Himalayas greeting you in the secret valley of Gagar and spend lazy mornings, basking in the sun, enjoying a sumptuous breakfast at leisure. The evenings become soulful with a walk into the forests, making you hear your own echoes for a rejuvenating treat of the senses. Finish your day snuggling up in bed with your favourite book and your family by your side as the surroundings make you feel that you couldn’t have asked for more.



What more? You can even spend your day rounding up by the fireplace while conversations and laughter flow over yummy snacks/ kebabs. Making the onset of the New year fun with friends or family while gorging on a great home-made meal of your choice, made with love.

New Year Package ( Valid from 24th Dec 2014 to 4th Jan 2015)

INR 4500 per person/ per night

Includes Morning/ Evening Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with stay

One Round of Snacks/ Kebabs on 31st Dec or any one evening during the stay

Live Barbecue session on 31st Dec or any one evening during the stay

Minimum stay 2 nights

The White Peaks can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests and 1 Staff member

Pets are welcome

For bookings call 09810050514/ 09810053380 or write in to us at contactwhitepeaks@gmail.com

Visit  www.thewhitepeaks.com