While couples engrossed in the V-day celebrations with gusto, the next day boys were up early, on Sunday morning, for the stimulating India v/s Pakistan match.  This week had it all, witnessed romance, drama, rivalry, patriotism, envy and all the action-packed events.

When the capital’s chief minister took his oath, youngsters pledged to commemorate this Valentine’s Day their way. A day prior marked the 4th anniversary of the World Radio Day (13th February) and a tribute to all the wonderful RJs.

My phone flooded with sarcastic and humorous messages concerning the recent political buzz in Delhi. Valentine’s Day in India seems to be gathering importance just as much as Diwali. The bonanza offers and sale lures the singles equally.

My facebook timeline only read three things: Valentine’s week, World Cup and 50 Shades of Grey.

A bat and ball got the two countries running in adrenaline rush. The expectations from Indian cricket team rise high when it’s about the most prestigious match;  India v/s Pakistan. With Sourav Ganguly (all due respect to him) turning into an astrologer and predicting that India is going to win against Pakistan since the pitch is favourable. And this is after they were hammered brutally all this while by the Aussies.

With quite a good 1st inning our blue boys went onto make a whopping 300, the nay sayers argued their lungs off in trying to prove that they could have made more than that oh and all this while sitting in the comfort of their home. The 2nd innings couldn’t have turned out better for our country either showing what Indian team fails to show often- good fielding- but hey, a good team measures everything well in advance!

Now began the pouring of hate messages over our newsfeed and for a while it seemed like India already brought the big cup home. The question is all this hullabaloo over a match just because it was againt Pakistan, is it justified? The human nature, funny sometimes, all hell breaks lose when Kohli fails to last more than a single over, when Pakistan loses or when Chappel ended our beloved Dada’s otherwise static career.

Preserving the history to continue, India won over Pakistan for the 6th time in World Cup. Nevertheless it was an appreciable beginning and aspiration to celebrate the grand win of ICC World Cup but hey, next time, we can keep the memes asking Pakistan to return their crackers down alright? Between messages about spreading love and raging unfiltered enactment of wildest fantasies (I meant 50 shades sex) quickly turning to encourage our age old historic rivalry, somewhere the love was completely lost.

The original article by Sahiba Miglani. The unprocessed rant by Mohana Ganguly.