Awesomeness This Way

While a Valentine’s evening is supposed to be mellow and mushy, our date with Cafe Morrison on this Valentine’s was an electric affair. It wasn’t your average romantic date at a cafe, but a power packed evening where I rekindled my love for rock and roll, and tutored my wife about some of the greatest Rock Artists that walked this planet.


It was an invite only event, as Sidharth Talwar, the owner of Cafe Morrison wanted to test drive the first installment of his Cafe Morrison franchise at CP after the raging hit it used to at South Extension. The place never felt dull or lazy for even a moment, it was brimming with energy all the time. It was insane !

Jim Morrison all over

In his enthusiastic tone, Sidharth told me his plans for this place, “Its not ready yet, there is a lot more to be done.” When I asked the reason behind the name Cafe Morrison, I was told “We always knew that we wanted a place named after Jim Morrison.” Sidharth and his friends are huge fans of ‘The Doors’. Which obviously is a no brainer once you to take a look inside the place that looks more like a shrine dedicated to the legends of Rock and Roll. Morrison, Hendrix, Presley, The Who, and many others adorn the walls of this place.

This is what a Shrine looks like Cover Image - The Legends

Cafe Morrison primarily serves Mexican food, because that was Jim Morrison’s favourite cuisine. But the cafe is all set to serve Continental cuisine along with its traditional Hispanic. But besides food and music what sets this place apart from most cafes and bars was the view from its balcony. Situated on the 2nd floor in F Block (CP), Cafe Morrison gives you a clear view of the inner radial road, the Central Park and the Giant National Flag. You cant beat this view!

The beautiful view from the balcony

After welcoming most of his guests, Sidharth donned the hat of the DJ and took over the stage. He delivered a mashup of classic rock and metal one after another. For the first time I saw the owner of a club making all his patrons dance to his tunes. All of us were head-banging, singing along and air guttering, and drumming at the same time. It was like a mini concert.

Siddharta Rocking it out Happy Valentine's Day

I checked the time and realised it was way past over midnight. We had left the Valentine’s day behind us jamming to rock and roll. And so I thanked Sidharth for his hospitality and asked him when the place is going to officially open. “It was just a test drive, we are still not going to open for some time.” He said, “The place is not opening till we get the nachos right.”