An afternoon of cooking, gobbling and scarfing! Westin Culinary Class


The Westin, Gurgaon had organized an exclusive cooking session with their Italian Chef Emiliano De Stefano at the Westin Culinary Academy on 21st February’2015. This event took place in Prego, their Italian cuisine restaurant where we were taught to make Pizza and the very popular Italian Dessert, Tiramisu.

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The best part about the event was their outstanding time management and organization. The chef made pizza while delivering impeccable instructions, at the same time keeping the whole event extremely interactive. Talk about multi-tasking! Chef Emiliano shared his views about various cuisines and dishes he liked and also gave us some tips about how to make cooking easier.

It was pleasant to see a number of Europeans attending the event and funnily. most of the participants were men. We were served with slices of pizzas or calzone that chef made. The cooking session went on for two hours and then everyone settled in the restaurant for lunch. But before that Chef Emiliano asked us to step out in the sun and click a group picture. After the picture, we went inside and sat together and had some amazing Italian dishes. From pizzas to pastas to fish fillets to a really green leafy salad and also the dessert the food was all in all yummy and satisfactory. The day full of food and food talks ended very nicely.

All I can say is, the few points that helped to make the show a success was the lightings, the aroma, the cleanliness and the one on one interaction with the chef. All this was possible because they had invited just 15-17 people and thus the restaurant was not crowded or noisy.  We were impressed with the event and also the staff of Prego, the Italian cuisine restaurant of Westin!

Rishika Kumar