Singles guide to Valentines Day

This time of the year, we really feel your pressure, believe us! The overwhelming redness that spells murder in your head, the over the top mush that probably won’t last till the 28th, the painfully heart-bruising movies that overlook the fact that a zillion of us aren’t even lucky enough to find our missing pair of panda printed socks let alone the perfect partner. So to make your day slightly bearable, we are here with a list of suggestions that will just add up to your fly quotient!

1. Don’t give a flying DUCK!


Like seriously. Its just a date and you are better than being one of those who gets sucked into this whole celebrating love affair. You would rather celebrate each day when you end up falling in love. Valentines is another word for money and you know you are saving for the Australia trip which is obviously better than champagne. Or maybe not.

2. Utilize the weekend!

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You are extremely lucky that Valentines Day falls on the weekend this year which means you can skip the inevitable and escape to a sparsely populated city where the shackles of over commercialized celebration of loooooveeee hasn’t reached yet. We are thinking a quaint hillstation or the countryside. What say?

3. Watch 50 shades of Grey

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Let your fantasies roll. Act up on it if you must. You get the drift right?

4. Be your OWN valentine.

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Cut the “be my valentine” stuff and straight up give yourself everything you would have given your better half or you would want to receive. Make this day real for you. Best thing, your expectations wont be crushed if you are in control!

5. Celebrate it with someone who loves YOU!

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Take your mom/ dad/ sibling/ single BFF out. If you are dauntless, take the girl/ boy out who has been harboring a crush on you since years and let them see why you are so freaking single! Chances are they will realize what an idiot you are and rather set their eyes on someone better. Who knows, they may even love the idiot you are and bam you have a valentine!

6. Stop being MISERABLE!

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Its just one day and it will pass too soon. Call up your friends and roast the “loser” couples and go to lengths describing how awesome single life is. Invite them over for an all singles dinner! Go to the gym, try archery, shooting or boxing to take out your frustrations. Come back fitter and hotter!

7. Drunk dance!

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There is nothing like going all crazy with your moves! Don’t be afraid, there’s no one judging when everyone’s drunk!

8. Spread the LOVE

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Dont make valentines day all about romantic love! Give the little girl at the single some chocolates or a gift, take your househelper’s little boy out for a ride, teach the kids, give them moments to cherish!

9. Hone your skills!

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We all have a hobby that our work life makes us want to forget. Go around the city and capture moments, you may even gift the couples a memory to hold on to and be their official photographer for the day, paint, cook, bake, read, write. Seriously do whatever but do something that makes you utterly happy!

10. Get those necessary zzzzzzzs!

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If all else fails, sleep throughout the day. There is nothing better than giving all those sleepless nights a rest!

Let’s just get done with it, shall we?

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