The adornment of our roots- SurajKund Craft Mela’ 2015


Fairs and festivals are the custodians of our great cultural heritage. They connect the past glory with the progress of the present and are a good source of inter-reaction amongst the people. They mirror different parts of the country and make us love and respect the talent of our craftsmen, artisans and artists. They provide all of us with a good opportunity for change from the hustle and bustle of life by bringing to us different sources of entertainment, consisting of cultural performances, dances, songs, art and the tasty food from different states. A visitor feels relaxed, happy and exalted in a fair.

Recently I visited the very famous Surajkund Craft mela and it made me realize how much peace, solace and knowledge we gain in just couple of hours. This fair brings out the best art and culture of every state in our country and stuns the onlooker. Beginning from 1stFeb till 15thFeb this mela is filled with enthusiastic people from across the globe. Clothes, jewelry, pottery, khadi work and much more were displayed.  Various dancers and performers gathered together and showcased their talents to the awestricken crowd.  “Foreign Stall” had loads of visitors. These stalls showed variety of crafts and designer clothes of their country like of Srilanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Mongolia and many more. One should definitely visit this craft fair to understand each and every state’s culture and art in one go. And if you get tired and hungry, there were food stalls from various states to your rescue. There were hoards of quintessential Indian food stalls to satiate all your hunger pangs! Thus, Surajkund craft mela’2015 was a hit for everyone who visited it and if by any chance you have missed it we bring you a glimpse of it below.

My views- Well, honestly I loved it. Not only because I visited it for the very first time but also because it brought me closer to the culture and art of India. Realizing how diverse my country is makes me really proud and excites me to explore more. As a photographer, it was a blissful time for me because I had so many things to capture and learn about.

Rishika Kumar