A mushrooming food affair- The One, Le Meridien


Le Meridien, New Delhi had organized a small event at their luxurious restaurant, The One called Enticement of The Mushrooms, a unique experience with mushrooms in everything we had. The One is a beautiful restaurant with affluent decorations and the whole atmosphere was pleasant and peaceful.

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The lunch began with a creamy and delicious soup called the ‘Classic Mushroom Cappuccino’ that used vegetable stock and mushroom without a hint of cream as told by the Chef Karan Mehta. We then hit towards the appetizers where we were served the ‘Trio of Mushroom Parfait’ and ‘Pickled Mushrooms’. In my view the pickled mushrooms was indeed the best dish of the whole lunch.

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The main course had many dishes like, ‘Black Olive Crusted Chicken’ ‘Kaffir Lime Scented Sea Bass’, ‘Five Way Mushroom Lasagne’ and ‘Mushroom Quesadillas’. Despite containing mushrooms as a common ingredient in every single dish, each one tasted different because of the creativity and ideas of the chef. Balsamic Onion, Tomato and Mushroom Salsa, Lemon Asparagus or Mashed Potatoes gave that slight punch to the dish.

Chef Karan Mehta


We were extremely intrigued to know the reason behind choosing mushroom as their prime ingredient and the Chef explained all about mushrooms and told us that he basically wanted mushroom for the mushroom lovers as well as for the vegetarians. He also shared his views about how he believes in making the portion of the food equal to the amount that the customer is paying and that ‘first impression is the last impression’ for him.

With this the lunch came to an end with all the food bloggers taking selfie and chit- chatting over the last sip of their wine. So there you have it vegetarians and those who can never get enough of their fungi!

Rishika Kumar