Coffee, Eclairs and some Champagne in between-Le Meridien

Socializing in the afternoons is always a great idea. Pair that with Eclairs, and we have the best a person can get. Oh and did I mention that the Eclairs were in no way regular? Read it right!

The best bit of the day was definitely getting my hands dirty in the process. The interactive session included building your own eclair. So we filled it, lathered it and sprinkled before popping it in our mouth and devouring these sinful little things!

Eclaire Lifestyle 1

This French delicacies when twisted with Indian flavours, curated by John Iuzzini could have been placed in the highest pedestal of Indian “mithais”. Most of the eclairs from the Le Meridien Eclair Diaries could be called a little sweeter than its western counterparts but isn’t that’s how we love our desserts?

Eclaire Lifestyle 2

With varieties like Jaggery Ginger Eclair, Rose Cardamom Eclair and Clotted Cream Kalakand Eclair, the flavours of India couldn’t have been better represented!

And the best part- You too can be a part of this journey, visually, of course! Take a look 🙂