Dukh Nivaran Gurudwara Patiala


Long known and much visited, the city of Patiala bears holy importance with the fortunate existence of ‘Dukh Nivaran Gurdwara’. The history unfolds how Guru Tegh Bahadur ji’s (The 9th Guru of Sikhs) presence, subsided the sickness in the village, now city, and sat under a banyan tree beside the pond that’s now a part of shrine. Hence, the name Dukh Nivaran (eradicator of suffering) was proposed.

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A home to unheard prayers and belief of termination of ordeals, this place brings every soul to rest. Sacred enchanting of prayers help settle the distraught mind.


The domed pavilion on top in gold shines bright strengthening the ideology of a ‘supreme’ above all. It is believed, to serve in a Gurdwara rids you off the sins committed and so you will find people in different sections serving voluntarily. From cooking the langar (free meal served by Gurdwara to every visitor) to polishing the shoe, devotees are welcomed and respected for their services.

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Food cooked in langar is relished by hundreds of visitors a day and the love for non-replicable Prashad of halwa is apparent from the long queues.

The pond water is presumed to relieve a person of all the ailments, also, touching the tail of a fish fulfils your deep born desires.


This is quite a captivating reason for you to visit the tranquil shrine since my prayers have never gone unheard here. All the more reason to pay a visit?

Sahiba Miglani