Comic Con Bangalore!


A three day fest that brings out the craziest of our selves proudly to the limelight. While some of us simply love to stay behind the lines and enjoy all that Comic Con has to offer, others, most of whom I slightly envy, dress up and fully immerse themselves in the show.

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This year the fest began at Bangalore and luckily for me, I just shifted cities and simply had to be present there. From enthusiastic volunteers ushering you in to stalls storing all your favourite comic merchandise, it just keeps getting better and better every year!

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We went all in and hauled our shopping bags with Batman, Superman and a fair bit of Bazingas!


And of course, with two hungry souls, we had to make way to the Food tent. There were a number of options from Kareems to  cupcakes. I had to simply settle for the cupcakes baked by a home baker (Miss K Cupcakes/ Kathy’s) from Bangalore!

With shows and performances by Qtiyapa (ArnUb rings a bell?) and special appearances (I am talking Daniel Portman here), we can only hope that Comic Con 2015 stays consistently good in every city!


How many of y’all attended the Comic Con Bangalore? 

Mohana Ganguly