Frites Corner- Food beyond just frites- Auroville

Sunburnt and hungry, we were walking along the streets of Auroville- desperate to make it to Tanto’s before leaving this small city we fell in binding love with.

Tanto’s was shut but their adjoining neighbour wasn’t and that somehow turned out to be the biggest boon from our trip.


Frites Corner, from its first look it doesn’t have anything to draw you towards it but if you don’t mind a comparatively shabby patio, walk in, for you will walk out with smiles aplenty.

We ordered the Frites of course, since the name in itself was indicative of my love towards these deep fried goodness. The salt factor was just right and that is all I live for.


The Mushroom Crepe was to die for. Cheesy mushroom filling in a savoury crepe, done impeccably is all one needs in life.


Rajib settled for Pasta with spinach in white sauce, which despite being an alfredo hater, I thoroughly enjoyed and ended up finishing half his food.


All this while we washed down our food with their basil flavoured ice tea and after me ending up being food drunk like I always do after consuming copious amount of gluten and Raj in his usual self of happy high, we departed in search of more food.

No honestly, we left to chill in our resort and swim to our heart’s content.