Party In Style with Dlf Foodhall

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Dlf Foodhall had invited us to their Party In Style, a unique idea to add gourmet touch to your house party, provided by a personalized chef service. Launched in May 2011 in Mumbai, Foodhall is a premium lifestyle food destination by Future Group. It targets the well-travelled urban Indian consumers who love to experiment with global cuisine and promises to expose customers to the next level of food retailing. The store is designed for “foodies” and is a one – stop shop for food lovers and offers everything under one roof, right from daily essentials, exotic flavours, and secret ingredients to premium kitchen accessories. Foodhall offers an assortment of fresh and packaged foods and covers international and pan-Indian cuisine. 

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Foodhall’s Party Chef Menu assures to free you from the kitchen chores to enjoy the company of your guests wholeheartedly. With celebrity chefs like Aditya Bal, Pooja Dhingra and Vicky Ratnani working on the amazing menu, your party is going to be a superhit. The event began with chef Vicky Ratnani making the starters for us called the ‘quinoa lentil chaat’ which were served in shot glasses. A very light yet tasty starter to begin your party. Vicky Ratnani is known for his creativity and style and that was very clear during the event. Chef Aditya Bal (with looks to die for) made the entree ‘Pan Roasted Salmon Fillet’ which was so yummy, it just melted in our mouths. Finally, chef Pooja came to the desk to make dessert. As we know she is our ‘macaron queen’ she made some delicious dessert. 

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There was a display of photos of the celebrity chefs which portrayed various memorable moments in their lives. The chefs told us all about those pictures and why they were so significant for them. They took out time to meet the people present there and answered every question that the curious crowd had. They were very comfortable with the guests and were eager to pose with them even for a ‘selfie’. What a fun filled event it was, with so much to talk about food and with the presence of three master chefs the situation just felt complete. 

Rishika Kumar