Date a man who drives


With articles on finding potential mates in people who reads, writes, travels and hopefully succumbs to minimum calls of nature, it was time I decided to compile an article justifying the poetic compatibility of dating a man who drives because there cannot be a more fundamental skill than driving. Specially if you too, are stuck in a pigeon hole of some metropolitan city commuting along with million other merciless public transport users.

Date a man who drives- he may not be blessed with the guy-next-door looks but he will definitely flaunt his swanky new ride that may have been gifted by his daddy or he may still be regretfully filling in the EMIs. His car will smell of brute scents and he will ensure your shoes are clean before he lets you inside his spanking clean zone. Once you enter his den you will be mesmerized by his level of commitment towards the only thing he will place above you in his life and no, don’t even think of competing with the love of his life!

This is a man who isn’t afraid of your whimsical demands because he already knows what high maintenance is and he respects every bit of luxury. From a scratch on the bonnet to the regular wear and tear of the tyre, he makes sure he knows when his beau needs some TLC and he will never stop you from going for your spa dates with the girls either.

His strongest memory from adolescence won’t be the first girl from high school who passed him her number, but it will be the first time his dad let him hold the steering wheel. He wouldn’t care stealing looks of the next hot girl passing by but he sure will steal a glance of the latest transporter.

He will hold the doors, chauffeur you around and make sure you reach home just in time because life is nothing without some long romantic drives and sneaking out when your parents are sure of your deep slumber. You will never be late again for your dance rehearsals and those sweltering hot summers will seem like nothing when you will be basking in the sweet joy of even air conditioning and suave beige leather seats.

When there’s a crowd gathered in the middle of a busy street he will stop to onlook the incident with such unfathomable enthusiasm that your new outfit and flawless make up will never achieve. By God’s grace if he lives in Delhi, you can safely presume your security because nobody can get past his car. At every dent he will jump out of the car and followed by heated exchange of cuss words, the matter is generally resolved after one party terrifyingly recognizes the other’s father who mostly is the next big shot after Ambani or works for the Chief Justice of India.

However amidst all this glory, pardon his slight misogyny when he stops you from driving because he still may believe that men are blessed with skills behind the wheel that women may take years to master and to that, you better be ready with a good come back or be prepared to dump his sorry bottom and walk off to a guy who probably loves you more.