An Eggy Affair

So I skipped breakfast on that particular day and was suddenly craving my regular breakkie staples in the middle of the afternoon. Now there are ofcourse a ton of places that offer eggs on their menu, I was fairly surprised to find a place with only eggs on their menu!

The Egg Factory, a tiny little joint on New BEL Road bang opposite to the biggest name in the area, Truffles, serves up every possible dish you can imagine that can be made with eggs. Being short of time, we quickly picked out a regular favourite of mine- French Toast with blueberry preserve and cream cheese along with a glass of refreshing carrot juice and Rajib picked out Salsa Eggs served on a sizzler palate with tortillas.



The place does not have foods that are a work of art but the flavours, the concept and the fact that everything glorifies “eggs” is something that is bound to draw me again. And this time maybe to try something not too subtle! 😉