Dhaba Hopping Off Tumkur Road

Quite often we find ourselves taking the highway off Tumkur Road to go for a long drive. Okay, let’s be honest, we take the highway mostly to find some new eats. And although there are far many places to cover, these are some of the places, you can take a stop to fill your tummy if you are on your way towards Mangalore or Mumbai from Bangalore.


Pallavi Dhaba- I decided to put our favourite one up first. This one is a tiny dhaba that is quite easy to miss but if you keep your eyes wide open and hunt this one down, the food will surely make you super happy. The dhaba may not have the greatest ambience but the people are super sweet, the food arrives on time and everything tastes delightful!


The Dhaba right beside New Agarwal Bhavan- This one is hard to miss thanks to its strategic location right beside a huge New Agarwal Bhawan. The food is served in small huts and their Kasturi Chicken is to die for! (Don’t blame me if you can taste the msg through your food)


Jai Hind Dhaba- This dhaba isn’t my favourite but they do have a lot of tourists stopping. We had dal and Chicken masala there wasn’t anything particularly bad here but there wasn’t anything great either.



The jazzy Dhaba- A km before Jai Hind Dhaba there is a dhaba with the coolest decor on the left. It also has a rabbit shed which is super fun and ducks roam free. I wish I could read the name of this place but it was written in Kannada. We stopped by to have a ton of food but they didn’t have roti and the mister really wanted to have rotis. So we tried their egg pakodas and it was a win-win situation for all of us.


The Kannada Dhaba- This one isn’t on the same route. This is placed on the way to Mangalore. Again I couldn’t figure its name since it was written in Kannada. But this one is placed near a huge vegetarian food court, where we obviously didn’t stop. Apart from their Kerala parottas which were way too chewy for their own good, the food tasted pretty good. Although expect to get a ton of stares here since a lot of people don’t really stop here from what we could figure.

Most of the Dhabas on the Bangalore-Mangalore highway however have similar kind of food and most of them serve quails in the name of chicken. They all come with a ton of burnt garlic and do not expect north Indian delicacies even at the dhabas that claim to serve food from far north. Rest assured the whole experience of stopping at a dhaba and trying some local food is unmatchable!