I am Mehr and I started through the lanes on a whim in 2013. Since its inception, I have quit college, pursued my passion for storytelling, started a YouTube channel (The Food Story), worked as a travel and food writer and landed myself a number of jobs just through this blog.

It has seen its good days and bad. This domain was stolen a while ago and I recently got it back again (phew!) and this time, I solemnly pledge to regularly update this site and motivate myself to write as often as possible.

My life completely changed in 2014, when I landed my first “real” job as a Food Critic for So Delhi and what followed was months of chasing a really flashy lifestyle- 5-star luxury stays, restaurants reviews every single day, spa days and page 3 parties. Being the introvert that I am, I found myself with an imposter syndrome since I didn’t really belong but I didn’t really love any other profession just as much. This disconnect between my body and mind showed up in the form of anxiety attacks and I had to take a step back to reassess my priorities.

My biggest dream since childhood was to work with a magazine and soon I was offered the role of Digital Features Writer for India’s oldest Travel Magazine- Discover India and almost as soon as I joined, I realised I absolutely detested that job. I didn’t like sitting at a desk, I wasn’t quite enjoying writing and everything felt too static. Therefore, much to everyone’s dismay, I quit.

In 2016, I started working for Goodshotz with India’s photography maestro- Bobby Joshi and that is where my passion for photography and videography began. Being a part of the young team, I was privy to a lot of the premier masterclasses that Bobby taught and this is where I learnt as much as I possibly could about cameras. But my personal life was at an all-time low during that time and I soon had to move to Kolkata, the dream city for street photographers. This is where I began project #bahkolkata, studied theatre and had plenty of time to hone my love for videography.

In 2019, my life completely changed when I joined Travlyng as a Product Manager, a complete shift from my previous work as a content creator and under the wings of my very helpful boss, my learnings tilted to a whole new level. I gobbled up all there is to know about products, social media marketing, growth hacking and client servicing. This introvert was finally talking to people, taking customer feedback, doing sales and running a very interesting podcast (https://soundcloud.com/travlyng) and I finally felt like I found my footing in the world.

But my quench for travel and understanding food cultures went beyond my need for a cushy job and living paycheque to paycheque. Luckily for me, my boss himself quite encouraged my entrepreneurial spirit and my innate curiosity. He pushed me to follow my own dreams and restart my love for blogging. So here I am, weaving stories, clicking the streets and making plans for my post-COVID world!