Bombay- The city I love to dread (part1)

I don't know what is it about today that reminded me of so many years ago. The year 2011 to be precise. The significance of this year is so much that I can even recall the dates.

26.06.2011. The date I moved to Bombay. Some people call it Mumbai but those people and their opinions aren't important. Because Bombay will always be Bombay despite not having lived there when it was officially called so. I moved there with the intention of escaping a heartbreak. The first of its kind. The reason I told everyone was to study fashion, which to be honest, I genuinely love(d). More so, I was starting to get a little bored of my already boring life in Delhi and a move to Bombay seemed to be the most exciting decision.

I landed my uncle's doorstep with more bags than any house in the city of dreams can accommodate and if you have lived there even for a bit, you know why. This move was ironical because just the summer before, I was visiting my uncle and from the moment I stepped out of the train at Central, I hated every bit of the city. I still took a chance because I am an all heart person- and when my heart wants something, I don't deny.

Much to everyone's dismay, I was back and this time I was determined to fall in love with the city. I went house hunting the very next day and after some terrible misses, I finally found "the one" with a room empty and 6 other girls already living there. I still said yes- the kitchen was big, the walls were colored offwhite (anyone who knows me, know that I am extremely picky about the color of the walls) and the house was in Lokhandwala- the best place to stay in Mumbai! (If you ignore the lovely smell of the neighborhood)

My first thoughts about the city were "damn it's sticky!" and "whoa where's the gutter?!" but then started the rains and if you have watched any movie where the protagonist falls in love with the city- it has always started with the rain. So why should mine be any different?

It was hard making friends in the flat initially, I was the girl from "Delhi" and the name of the city is enough in Bombay to antagonize you. The first day of class, I walked in meekly thinking in my head that I am already a couple of years older to most of them and praying to God that I make one friend at least. Surprise! I made three! (two of them didn't last past that week but heck I gained 7 more). It is crazy how new friends shape our outlook towards a city though, isn't it? A couple of classes later, we were told that more classes won't start until the next week and out we rushed to go check out Mithibai college, my friends had to meet their friends. It is hard to believe that I was that spontaneous then because even the thought of meeting new people gives me anxiety today.

That is also when I realized that Bombay is going to be the biggest adventure of my life...


to be continued...


Mohana Ganguly- When she isn’t hunting down the next best meal, she will be found daydreaming of her next vacation or honing her theatre skills (she is known to be quite dramatic). 

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