Kapoor and Sons Trail- Coonoor

It is no secret that I am a huge movie buff and if a movie touches me profoundly, I tend to get very excited and find out places that can somehow make me a part of the story. Kapoor and Sons was one such movie. Their dysfunctional family dynamic touched me in a way that no other movie could. Besides, I am also a huge fan of Rajat Kapoor and will watch any movie if there is even a glimpse of him.

Thus, when my trip partner announced we were heading to Ooty, I secretly began hatching an entire plan to take a detour, make a day trip to Coonoor and find the cemetery where they shot a part of the movie. Afterall I had been wanting to go to Coonoor since ages.

While I did not end up liking Ooty at all, from the moment I entered Coonoor, I was in love. And one of the hardest things in life is when you can’t choose between three of your absolute favorite cities. But let’s be honest here, if you want a lot to do when you are traveling, Coonoor will majorly disappoint you. Because this is where you simply chill, eat fresh meals and soak in the beautiful sights.

After much traversing and asking a 100 people the road to Tiger Hill, we reached a deserted cranny and a locked gate to the cemetery. But after a long journey from Bangalore just to walk through this cemetery, I wasn’t returning without even stepping foot there. So I trespassed even though I am ashamed to admit that.

The adrenaline rush from trespassing combined with eerie silence in the most deserted part of Coonoor made the whole experience extremely creepy and within minutes I wanted to get out there. Not without clicking some pictures first though.


I am sure the experience of filming there with a complete crew present must not have been this eerie but our ride back to Ooty was absolutely wonderful. With a slight drizzle and the lush greenery of this quaint hill station, I fell in love with Coonoor and the small little adventure.

On our way back, we stopped at The Culinarium for a sumptuous lunch that nobody should miss.


Mohana Ganguly- When she isn’t hunting down the next best meal, she will be found daydreaming of her next vacation or honing her theatre skills (she is known to be quite dramatic). 

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