OTB- Out of The Box Cafe, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

This place has its own rustic charm. The paint chipping off  wooden tables and chairs, the lanterns above, patio, the wooden staircase leading upstairs held with ropes kinda Piratey! The bar. If you are lucky enough and manage to snag a place outside, you will find yourself surrounded with lush greens, overlook the Hauz Khas lake running through the fort and find yourself immersed in true history. Such is the beauty of Hauz Khas Village that keeps drawing me there.

OTB is laden with a variety of cuisines starting from classic American burgers and sandwiches, Indian tit bits and African delicacies! But if you are there, one shouldn’t miss their chicken and lettuce burger, it will present you with spiritual belonging. Now that ofcourse is something only a true foodie will get.


While you are at it, why miss their penne arrabiata! If you love the marinara sauce, which ofcourse a lot avoid and go with the creamy varieties, you will love their arabiata! We ordered the vegetarian but you can always ask them to add chicken to yours!

Also why keep your throats dry! Go ahead get yourself a beer or a chocolate shake or even orange juice if you like! Coffee lover? Get on with their cappuccino, which I dare say won’t be your rich frothy starbucks alike!


And somewhere during your descent down the stairs towards the harsh realms of life you might find this adorable little thing by your side to remind you life sometimes is filled with cute furry things!


So get up, get ready, wear your sunday dress, slip on some traditional flip flops and chunky earrings, go boho and go have some good food!

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