Photowalk through Kolkata

August 2017 saw me doing the one thing I always thought I would never end up doing. I MOVED to KOLKATA.

Growing up, all my summer vacations and winter vacations meant mamabari and mamabari meant Kolkata and had I not loved my grandparents to death, I would have loved to miss Kolkata for greener pastures.

Why though? Well, my mother being a complete Kolkata lass, loved the bus, the dust, the grime- everything that makes the city unique in her words. I hated it. I have always been the person who prefers the journey to be calming even if the destination is chaotic. Crowds make me anxious and a cranky me is best avoided. Those memories always made me cringe and combine that with the sweltering heat of Kolkata, I would rather die than settle here.

All that changed when I decided to visit the city of joy on my own in 2016. This meant I could traverse around its lanes at my own pace, avoid buses, crowds and behave like a local instead of hounding the tourist spots that I was forced to go to everytime as a kid. And I fell in love. I even considered moving to the city then and there but I had things to accomplish first.

A terrible break up later, I decided it was time. And Kolkata embraced me with arms wide open. Thus, began a journey of self-discovery, following a passion that I was too scared to follow and falling irrevocably in love with myself and the city. So here are some of my best shots of Kolkata since then.

The streets after the Unicorn Art Festival held at Art Rickshaw
Prothome Chaa.
Joy Maa
The boat of love barely afloat

All Photographs by Mohana Ganguly.

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