Sunday Picnics!

Hi everyone! This is a guest post by Suzie from suzie81’s blog! Go out there and check her blog for some real amazing write ups! I have been following her since quite some time now and couldn’t resist and opportunity to have her featured here! 


Those who know me will know that I love my food. My happiest times in life are spent sitting in restaurants with my favourite people, indulging in and sharing beautiful food.

However, this evening’s meal was slightly different. The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave – something that hasn’t happened for a few years now – and my local community held a small festival in the park. A friend of mine was playing with his band, Bethan and The Morgans, (check them out on Facebook, they’re very good), so me and The Bloke decided to do something we’ve never actually done in all the years we’ve known each other: have a picnic.

Us Brits are renowned for our love of a picnic, and it’s common to see us huddled up in the ever – present rain and wind, munching on a soggy cheese and pickle sandwich. This is why I avoid them – I’d rather enjoy my food somewhere warm, dry and comforting. In not exactly an ‘outdoors’ girl.


However, I was determined that today was going to be different, and I’d gone to lots of effort to make everything perfect. I did Quorn and salad wraps, bought lightly salted crisps with garlic dip, olives and feta cheese, almond bakes and I created a raspberry and melon salad for dessert.  We packed everything up and went to the park, where it was already alive with hundreds of people from the local area. We sat on our blanket, laid out our food and soaked up the sun and the lovely atmosphere. It was beautiful, and I am now a picnic convert!

A glorious end to a glorious weekend…



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