TLR cafe, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Few months ago when my mother and brother, were here, we went to TLR for dinner. i love the cafe, their interiors, the concerts they throw with local bands performing. Its all adds up to the charm of the place. Located at the entry of Hauz Khas village, this cafe has always managed to keep me enthralled with its idea of great food.


I wanted a patio corner for myself and smoke while digging into their food but then the candles caught me off-guard and a band playing their rock beats just fueled my need to be inside and order my all time favorite, the caj’un burger! I can never resist myself from ordering it. I love the juicy chicken and french fries, well what can I say, I am a classic burger girl after all!


My  brother decided to go with shroom penne, he avoids being the adventurous one and is quite the picky eater hence the safe way to go for the creamy pasta, which we LOVED ofcourse!


We were hurrying through our meal for some reason which I highly regret, for what is the joy of eating if each bite is not relished. But a TLR lover like me, will soon be back there and this time I shall pick the best, daunt myself with the unknown and I am pretty sure that I will come out a happy girl. Gastronomy never fails to amaze me!

Cheers TLR!

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