Walls adorned at Lodhi Colony: ST+ART

It’s no secret that ST+ART India Foundation turned Lodhi Colony area into the happiest place of the city. This very first open public art district was done up by the foundation to make art more accessible to a wider range of population and myself being one of them who can’t help but turn up there each time I am visiting Delhi.

Lodhi Colony and Meherchand Market has always been my top spots in the capital and it becomes more so beautiful when I have these walls to gawk at. So here’s a rundown of my absolute favorites (well to be honest the ones I cross more often).

If you dig deeper you will find more walls and some of them even better than the ones posted below and when you do so, don’t forget to upload them on your social media- because we need more art to flood on our walls!

Spotted as my muse- Anisha Sarma


Mohana Ganguly- When she isn’t hunting down the next best meal, she will be found daydreaming of her next vacation or honing her theatre skills (she is known to be quite dramatic).

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